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SAG Awards

Our 2018 SAG Awards Picks

Another year of award shows is here and this Sunday, January 21, the 24th Annual Screen Actor’s Guild Awards will air. This year in film and television has delivered strong performances from debut series, daring films, and the shows we’ve grown to love over the years. New faces, familiar names, etc. the excitement behind this season is there. We have some overlap in our picks, but we also pull through for some of the underdog performers we couldn’t get enough of. Below are our picks for this year’s SAG awards!
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SAG Awards Reactions

After a terrifying and bizarre week, the SAG awards provide a brief relief and breath of fresh air with surprising wins, uplifting speeches, and a general sense of unity. Continue reading “SAG Awards Reactions”

2017 SAG Award Picks

“The forgotten award show.” Michelle and Lane threw together these picks in the last 24 hours.  Continue reading “2017 SAG Award Picks”

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