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Michelle’s Favorite TV Episodes of 2017

Since starting this blog with Lane, I’ve vowed to watch more television, and I really think 2017 allowed me to keep my word. This year was a weird one, and it wasn’t always easy, but television stayed faithful to us all and gave us some of the best television we’ve seen in years. The episodes that stuck with me the most were bold, complex, emotional, empowering, smart, funny, fresh, and excellent. I tried to keep this list minimal, but I want to express that there were many contenders and hours of really great television that deserve to be honored. Here’s my list! Continue reading “Michelle’s Favorite TV Episodes of 2017”

Michelle’s Favorite Films of 2017

This year I binged on quite a bit of cinema. I formed an unofficial movie club with a couple of my fellow cinephile friends which forced us to see at least one film a week, so this list was especially hard for me to generate. There was so much quality filmmaking this year, but something I took away from this year in film was the relative nature of the characters I saw on screen. I related with so many and even identified myself explicitly in a few. I could go on forever about the films I’ve decided to share with you, but I would rather you take the chance and check them out. They were what kept me going through this year, and I’m hoping next year brings us an abundance of strong narratives, lyricial cinematography, incredible scores and music supervision, and more.
Disclaimer: Outside of Lady Bird, these are not in any particular order
Continue reading “Michelle’s Favorite Films of 2017”

Things We Binged This Week: September 22

We’ve taken a few weeks off, we’re sorry! But, Michelle lived through a hurricane and I…. well, I don’t have any excuses. But we’re back and we have SO MUCH to share with you.  Continue reading “Things We Binged This Week: September 22”

Things We Binged This Week: September 1

We’re back! After a short hiatus due to crazy work schedules, Hurricane Harvey, and all the little things in life, we’re here to recap some of the things we binged while we were away!  Continue reading “Things We Binged This Week: September 1”

Things We Binged This Week: August 11

Walla-walla hoo! Welcome back to Camp Firewood. We both binged the semi-enjoyable Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later. Plus, You’re the Worst, Jeopardy! the app, and three new films.

Continue reading “Things We Binged This Week: August 11”

Things We Binged This Week: July 28

Sometimes people suggest to “go with what you know” and our picks for this week’s Things We Binged exemplify that notion. From Last Chance U to some new movies like Girls Trip, Maudie, and Dunkirk, this week resides in the comfortability of the things we know (and love best)! Continue reading “Things We Binged This Week: July 28”

Things We’ve Binged This Week: July 14

We’re both watching Freeform’s The Bold Type this week, don’t knock it ’til you try it! Also featuring: Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies, Waxahatchee’s new album, Bob’s Burgers, and an anti-recommendation, Netflix’s Gypsy.

Continue reading “Things We’ve Binged This Week: July 14”

Things We Binged This Week: June 30

From wrestling in the 80s with GLOW to dealing with the consequences of war in the 1800s, and the thrilling ride of Baby Driver to the humbling world of Okja, we take on a broad range of media in this week’s Things We Binged!

Continue reading “Things We Binged This Week: June 30”

Orange is the New Black: Season 5 Review

Here’s our review of the Netflix women’s prison dramedy. Hot take: Even with its flaws it’s binge-worthy for sure. Continue reading “Orange is the New Black: Season 5 Review”

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