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Michelle’s Favorite TV Episodes of 2017

Since starting this blog with Lane, I’ve vowed to watch more television, and I really think 2017 allowed me to keep my word. This year was a weird one, and it wasn’t always easy, but television stayed faithful to us all and gave us some of the best television we’ve seen in years. The episodes that stuck with me the most were bold, complex, emotional, empowering, smart, funny, fresh, and excellent. I tried to keep this list minimal, but I want to express that there were many contenders and hours of really great television that deserve to be honored. Here’s my list! Continue reading “Michelle’s Favorite TV Episodes of 2017”

WhyDidIMakeThis Wednesdays

Another restless night means another edition of WhyDidIMakeThis is here!  Continue reading “WhyDidIMakeThis Wednesdays”

Loving “Love”: A Recap of Season 2

Michelle takes a look at the evolution of Mickey and Gus’ relationship, addiction, and the excellent soundtrack of season 2 of Netflix’s Love. Continue reading “Loving “Love”: A Recap of Season 2″

Friday Combo! #TBT and Things I Binged

SXSW and spring break collide here in Austin, TX so everything is crazy this week. Michelle is busy working every concert at South By so it’s just me today, bringing you a spring break throwback and binge recommendation. Continue reading “Friday Combo! #TBT and Things I Binged”

March 10: Things We Binged This Week

Michelle has ALREADY binged Love season 2 and I’m rewatching Girls season 1. Also, music recommendations and something called Ultimate Beastmaster?

Continue reading “March 10: Things We Binged This Week”

Rewatch: Love (Season 1)

In honor of both Valentine’s Day and Love season 2 premiering in a month (Friday, March 10), Michelle and I rewatched Love‘s first season. Continue reading “Rewatch: Love (Season 1)”

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