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Michelle’s Favorite TV Episodes of 2017

Since starting this blog with Lane, I’ve vowed to watch more television, and I really think 2017 allowed me to keep my word. This year was a weird one, and it wasn’t always easy, but television stayed faithful to us all and gave us some of the best television we’ve seen in years. The episodes that stuck with me the most were bold, complex, emotional, empowering, smart, funny, fresh, and excellent. I tried to keep this list minimal, but I want to express that there were many contenders and hours of really great television that deserve to be honored. Here’s my list! Continue reading “Michelle’s Favorite TV Episodes of 2017”

#TBT: Tiny Furniture (Dir. Dunham, 2010)

In the spirit of saying goodbye to Girls, this week’s #TBT film focuses on where it all started: Tiny Furniture. Continue reading “#TBT: Tiny Furniture (Dir. Dunham, 2010)”

Our Favorite Moments on Girls

“We were all just doing our best.”, “Our best was awful.”, “Worst best.” Here’s a collection of our favorite moments, best and worst, from HBO’s Girls. The series finale premieres this Sunday, April 16 at 10pm EST. Continue reading “Our Favorite Moments on Girls”

From Beach House to Bathroom: The Saving Grace of Shoshanna Shapiro

A look at the character who defined what HBO’s Girls is all about: Shoshanna Shapiro. Continue reading “From Beach House to Bathroom: The Saving Grace of Shoshanna Shapiro”

Things We Binged This Week: April 7

Lane can’t get enough of Bleachers’ new song and Thrifting Hauls on YouTube, Michelle is still thinking about her 13 Reasons Why binge this week, and we’re both pretty blown away by HBO’s stellar programming.
Continue reading “Things We Binged This Week: April 7”

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