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Game of Thrones

Michelle’s Favorite TV Episodes of 2017

Since starting this blog with Lane, I’ve vowed to watch more television, and I really think 2017 allowed me to keep my word. This year was a weird one, and it wasn’t always easy, but television stayed faithful to us all and gave us some of the best television we’ve seen in years. The episodes that stuck with me the most were bold, complex, emotional, empowering, smart, funny, fresh, and excellent. I tried to keep this list minimal, but I want to express that there were many contenders and hours of really great television that deserve to be honored. Here’s my list! Continue reading “Michelle’s Favorite TV Episodes of 2017”

Things We Binged This Week: September 1

We’re back! After a short hiatus due to crazy work schedules, Hurricane Harvey, and all the little things in life, we’re here to recap some of the things we binged while we were away!  Continue reading “Things We Binged This Week: September 1”

Things We’ve Binged This Week: August 4

This post is filled with action and thrills! From Atomic Blonde to The Sinner to Game of Thrones. Plus, a music recommendation and our take on the latest Netflix movie: The Incredible Jessica James.

Continue reading “Things We’ve Binged This Week: August 4”

Things We Binged This Week: July 21

Michelle and I play catch-up this week with Mad Men and My Favorite Murder. Michelle also tries two new Netflix additions: To the Bone and Friends From College, while I binge vegan YouTube videos and fondly remember Linkin Park.

Continue reading “Things We Binged This Week: July 21”

2017 SAG Award Picks

“The forgotten award show.” Michelle and Lane threw together these picks in the last 24 hours.  Continue reading “2017 SAG Award Picks”

7 Best Music Moments of 2016

A curated list of Michelle’s favorite music moments in television this year. Continue reading “7 Best Music Moments of 2016”

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