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Heavenly Creatures (1994, Dir. Jackson)

They say “Hell is a teenage girl,” and Peter Jackson’s film Heavenly Creatures is here to remind you of that. Continue reading “Heavenly Creatures (1994, Dir. Jackson)”

Things We Binged This Week: May 5

Lane binged Catastrophe and Better Call Saul this week. Michelle recommends music from all caps, four letter word bands: HAIM and COIN.
Continue reading “Things We Binged This Week: May 5”

#TBT: West Side Story (Dir. Wise/Robbins, 1961)

This is Michelle here. Today’s Throwback Thursday is going out to my favorite musical of all time, and a film that transcends the screen and into my world on more ways than I could report. Continue reading “#TBT: West Side Story (Dir. Wise/Robbins, 1961)”

Things We Binged This Week: April 28

The Handmaid’s Tale, Broad City, Lovesick, Girlboss, and female wrestlers!
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WhyDidIMakeThis Wednesdays

Another restless night means another edition of WhyDidIMakeThis is here!  Continue reading “WhyDidIMakeThis Wednesdays”

Weekend Special: WhyDidIMakeThis

Michelle’s ultimate goal in life is to become a music supervisor. Until she achieves that, she’s stuck resoundtracking the scenes from her favorite television shows and films. Welcome to WhyDidIMakeThis! Continue reading “Weekend Special: WhyDidIMakeThis”

Things We Binged This Week: April 21

Five days after the series finale, we’re still talking about Girls. Plus, Lane is obsessed with a YouTuber and has finally caught up with OITNB season 4. Michelle’s music-centric week includes a track from PARC and a YA-themed binge.
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Things We Binged This Week: April 14

Kendrick Lamar brings us to life by dropping his new album DAMN., we can’t stop talking about 13 Reasons Why, and more from our binges this week!
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#TBT: Tiny Furniture (Dir. Dunham, 2010)

In the spirit of saying goodbye to Girls, this week’s #TBT film focuses on where it all started: Tiny Furniture. Continue reading “#TBT: Tiny Furniture (Dir. Dunham, 2010)”

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