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Things We’ve Binged This Week

Things We Binged: January 20

Lane and Michelle binged a few of the same things this week, and took advantage of their down time to take in some new shows, music, and film. From tracking the Oscars buzz to diving into shows we wouldn’t watch twice, here’s our week in binge!
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Things We Binged: January 13

Podcasts, award shows, and more! This week Lane and Michelle take on the new and the old, and they’re pretty convinced this year is going to be filled with exciting television, film, books, etc. to binge on!
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Things We Binged: October Recap

Hey Bingers! We’ve been M.I.A and we’re sorry, but we while we were away we stayed busy and binged away! The month of October gave us so many things to fall in love with and indulge in. We said goodbye with season finales, escaped to the theater for new movies, jammed out to our new favorite songs, and welcomed some freshman tv shows into our lives. Dive into our recap of our hiatus binge here! #Longreads Continue reading “Things We Binged: October Recap”

Things We Binged This Week: September 29

Music podcasts and music recommendations this week! Plus, we’re feeling lukewarm about the new season of Transparent and Likely Stories. Continue reading “Things We Binged This Week: September 29”

Things We Binged This Week: September 22

We’ve taken a few weeks off, we’re sorry! But, Michelle lived through a hurricane and I…. well, I don’t have any excuses. But we’re back and we have SO MUCH to share with you.  Continue reading “Things We Binged This Week: September 22”

Things We Binged This Week: September 1

We’re back! After a short hiatus due to crazy work schedules, Hurricane Harvey, and all the little things in life, we’re here to recap some of the things we binged while we were away!  Continue reading “Things We Binged This Week: September 1”

Things We Binged This Week: August 11

Walla-walla hoo! Welcome back to Camp Firewood. We both binged the semi-enjoyable Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later. Plus, You’re the Worst, Jeopardy! the app, and three new films.

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Things We’ve Binged This Week: August 4

This post is filled with action and thrills! From Atomic Blonde to The Sinner to Game of Thrones. Plus, a music recommendation and our take on the latest Netflix movie: The Incredible Jessica James.

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Things We Binged This Week: July 28

Sometimes people suggest to “go with what you know” and our picks for this week’s Things We Binged exemplify that notion. From Last Chance U to some new movies like Girls Trip, Maudie, and Dunkirk, this week resides in the comfortability of the things we know (and love best)! Continue reading “Things We Binged This Week: July 28”

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