Lights.Camera.Binge is a collection of reviews and commentary on the films and television we consume. We combine our passion for visual media with our academic background in media studies and share it here. We do our best to avoid spoiling any episodes or films, but sometimes, it is inevitable. We hope you enjoy.


Michelle Soto
14955814_10155749447364466_1767509236915784086_nMichelle is a self-proclaimed “binge queen” who loves film and television. The resident music supervisor-in-training, she tends to focus on the soundtracks of film and television. She’s a sucker for anything nostalgic and recently had an intervention for her obsession with the 1980s. You can follow Michelle on Twitter.


Lane Mann

13407136_10155089598314152_4132730908916068018_nLane loves television so much she wrote a master’s thesis about it. She is in the running for “binge princess.” Lane writes about reception, the film/TV industry, diversity, and streaming media. You can follow her on Twitter!