Music podcasts and music recommendations this week! Plus, we’re feeling lukewarm about the new season of Transparent and Likely Stories.


  1. Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories on Shudder

    This series of short tales from the writer of American Gods and Coraline, Likely Stories is quite a bore. It reels in some cinematic quality to mimic the aesthetics of series like Black Mirror, but the narratives are sloppy and the interest fades quickly. There are only four episodes on Shudder’s exclusive run and each are about 25 minutes long, so if you’re curious, you won’t waste too much of your time.
  2. Dissect: Season 2
  3. Nick Kroll & Stephen Colbert’s #Puberme campaign
    The two comedians partnered up to start a social media campaign to encourage celebrities to share their embarrassing, awkward teenage photos in exchange for donations to Puerto Rico Relief Funds. The results were pretty incredible. You can find threads of submission on Twitter and Instagram following #Puberme
  4. Character Playlists from the movie IT on Spotify
    Beverly, Ben, Eddie, Bill, Richie, Mike, and Stan know how to jam in these playlists curated for the film.
  5. Spotify’s Time Capsule
    Coming off another wild weekend with Emo Night Brooklyn making their stop in Tampa, the new Spotify-generated playlist Time Capsule feels like the cherry on top. Time Capsule is a curated list that is personalized through a Spotify algorithm that is based on your age (and music choices). My specialty list hits a young Michelle on the head with a collection of early-2000s emo/pop punk hits, the 90s angst spillover of guitar playing women like Lilix, guilty pleasures like “Aaron’s Party” and more. Get to know what a preteen Michelle’s Limewire was filled with here.


  1. Transparent season 4
    I stayed home sick yesterday and watched the first four episodes of Transparent season 4. In my allergy medicine-induced stupor, Transparent season 4 was the perfect binge. I’ll admit, season 4 is a bit of a letdown so far. But it’s nice seeing these characters again. I’ll keep watching to see how it holds up compared to its stronger earlier seasons.
  2. Dissect: Season 1
    You’ll notice Dissect is on both of our lists. Dissect is a serialized music podcast where host Cole Cuchna analyzes an album, track-by-track, over the course of a podcast season. Season one focuses on Kendrick Lamar’s incredible album, To Pimp a Butterfly. I’m loving Cole’s historical, biographical, societal, textual, and cultural analysis of the album. He carefully situates the album within these frameworks and, using interview clips from Lamar and the lyrics to the record, takes his time analyzing each song on the album. It’s really fascinating and both Michelle and I love how deep he dives into the analysis.
  3. Spotify’s Time Capsule
    Same, Michelle^^^
  4. Podcasts with Lorde: Song Exploder and WTF With Marc Maron
  5. ACL 2017: Must See Playlist
    So excited for ACL in just 2 short weeks!