We’re back! After a short hiatus due to crazy work schedules, Hurricane Harvey, and all the little things in life, we’re here to recap some of the things we binged while we were away! 


  1. Netflix’s Atypical (I give this a mere 5.5/10)
  2. Logan Lucky/Good Time

    Two completely different films, yet both dive into family dynamics and crime in new, inventive ways. Logan Lucky is Steven Soderbergh’s big return to theaters and it’s definitely big. With an all-star cast, hilarious dialogue, and a well-written script, Logan Lucky makes you look at your relationship with your own family and find the appreciation in them. Good Time is a much darker film by the Safdie Brothers that experiences illumination in the neon, city lights aesthetic of the film. Starring Robert Pattinson (in a career-changing role), Good Time focuses on the things we’d do for the people we love and sometimes the extremes we’ll take when it’s our only shot. Good Time has the feel of Drive, Mr. Robot, and other dark films and television that pair well with a synth-heavy score, yet even when the narrative falls short of wowing an audience, it stands out as something fresh and original.

  3. Patti Cake$
    This soundtrack is rad. Shoutout to Danielle MacDonald for learning how to rap for this film
  4. Wind River
  5. Ingrid Goes West
    I want to speak to the social commentary on society’s obsession with media, fame, and “friends.” This film is delivered in a comedic package that often stays true to the genre with familiar tropes and easy laughter triggers, but there’s something very smart about the way this film executes its point. Music, fashion, pop culture references, the use of social media and technology throughout the entire film, and more all invite the audience members to affiliate themselves with characters they know, people they’ve seen, and a life they’ve engaged with on the inside or not. Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen were beyond well-cast for their roles and I’m not sure I can imagine anyone else bringing them to life.
  6. My So-Called Life/Party of Five
  7. The Taylor Swift Twitter Takedown of “Look What You Made Me Do”
  8. Netflix’s Disjointed
    This show is bad. Unless you like the CBS standard of Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, etc., you’ll probably hate this as much as I did. Disclaimer: This is the only show in the last year that I refused to complete my binge. Whoops.
  9. Halt And Catch Fire: Season 4
    You guys already know.
  10. Room 104
    We love the Duplass brothers here at Lights.Camera.Binge, so naturally we are always all in with their projects. I was hesitant at first when Room 104 was announced, but once it was available to check out, I dove right in. The anthology series focuses on various stories that take place in a hotel room. Different guests, different times, different stories, and most importantly, different levels of writing and directing. My favorite episode has been episode 4 titled “I Knew You Weren’t Dead” and actually stars Jay Duplass (Transparent, Landline). It’s well-rounded, deep, comprehensive, and emotionally driven, like most Duplass projects are. If you like anthology series and would like a nice change of pace in your viewings, check it out.


  1. Mad Men seasons 3-5 and a half
    There was a hurricane, okay? I am happy to report that I am a Mad Men fan. Season 4 was absolutely beautiful. Episodes like “The Suitcase” and “Tomorrowland” took the show in a new direction. I felt a little let down by season 5, solely due to the strength of season 4. I’m well into season 6 and am so happy with the merger, Don and Peggy’s characters, and SALLY.
  2. PBS Create channel
    Shout out to Lidia’s Italy and America’s Test Kitchen. Cooking shows were a lifesaver when the sun didn’t shine for 72 hours.
  3. Girls’ Night In newsletter
  4. The Deuce pilot
  5. Halt and Catch Fire, the final season
    You guys already know.
  6. Game of Thrones season 7 finale and Reddit post-episode commentary
  7. Buzzfeed’s The Try Guys
    I watched a couple hours worth of Try Guys on YouTube. I know, Buzzfeed videos are ridiculous, but I like the relationships and banter between the guys. Watching a few hours of the guys almost takes the place of some Seth Rogen comedy film, combined with my love of reality shows/videos.
  8. St. Vincent – “New York” official video
  9. The University of Texas at Austin’s unofficial Facebook meme page
    Back to school! University meme pages across the country are lit.
  10. Local news
    The only way to get decent information about weather.