A few unconventional binges from us this week (hot dogs), TV recommendations (Being Mary Jane), music (HAIM!), and more. Plus, our Baby Driver obsession returns!


1. Being Mary Jane season 4

My Being Mary Jane binge has become something I look forward to once a year. Alright… Being Mary Jane is a BET show starring Gabrielle Union (stunning), a news anchor in Atlanta, that chronicles her work/life/love balance, her (sometimes insane but lovable) family and friends, and gorgeous love interests. While it checks all of the boxes of an enjoyable drama, Mary Jane also approaches the news from a pointed, liberal, black, female perspective. The show highlights racial politics. Mary Jane is constantly grappling with being a black woman from Atlanta, her privilege of telling these stories, while also being in the spotlight and subject to a lot of scrutiny. I love that the show is able to accomplish all of the bingeable qualities of a good drama, while also making a political statement.

Season 4 takes place in New York City, a big shift from the prior seasons centered in Atlanta. It was a good choice, and gave the show a lot of fun fodder as MJ works as a morning show correspondent AND gets a cute, British boyfriend.

2. Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon

I saw The Big Sick this week! It’s great and I hope we see Hollywood support more thoughtful romantic comedies/dramas. But, if you’ve seen the trailer a million times, the jokes fall a little flat (sadly). To supplement my viewing, I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of Kumail and Emily in real life. They’re doing a pretty extensive press tour to advertise the film and they’re super enjoyable: check out their Marc Maron interview and Emily’s piece for Bustle.

3. Aspyn & Parker YouTube vlogs

Aspyn and Parker are pretty YouTube famous. Their videos easily rack up half a million views in a few days. They’re in their early 20s, high school sweethearts, who have been married for 2 years. And they’re white AF. AND I can’t stop watching their vlogs. They put out a ton of content each week, most of it pretty harmless, around the house stuff or makeover/haul videos. What can I say, they’re great to wind down with.

Extra Credit: Baby Driver (again)

See last week’s post for my thoughts on Baby Driver but, I’m not gonna lie, I went and saw it again in theaters and haven’t stopped listening to the soundtrack.


So the following binges are a bit unconventional compared to our previous weeks, but nonetheless, I binged.

1. Hot Dogs

I participated in a hot dog eating contest on Monday in celebration of July 4. I was joined by my partner in crime, Louis, in our matching Macho Man Randy Savage t-shirts and bandannas. The night was filled with awesome live music including a Bruce Springsteen cover band that blew me away, free PBR, great company, and what seemed like an endless supply of hot dogs. I didn’t win the belt, but I did win the experience of fulfilling my lifelong dream AND the honor of being the only female competitor.

2. Something To Tell You-HAIM

I have waited four long years for this album. Please just let me have this time to ultra binge. From my sit through of the album so far, you can hear the evident growth of the band but also the strong influences of their counterparts and famous friends. With Ariel Rechtshaid and Rostam Batmanglij producing the various tracks, the sisters of HAIM have crafted a groovier, heartfelt sophomore album that is worth turning on and turning up this weekend. Favorite tracks: “You Never Knew,” which sounds like something from Fleetwood Mac and “Something to Tell You” which delivers some solid 80s pop/rock ballads in the drums like Toto’s “Africa.”

3. B-A-B-Y

Joining Lane in the Baby Driver rewatch, I too cannot get enough of this film and its incredible soundtrack. I also can’t stop pronouncing and spelling out “baby” like Lily James’ character in the film. Who knew I could turn a word into a binge? Oh well, LET ME LIVE! I’ve only made this worse by jamming out to Carla Thomas’ 1966 single “B-A-B-Y” on repeat, which is featured in the film. Other tracks to accompany Thomas on the soundtrack include Beck’s “Debra”, “Neat Neat Neat” by the Damned, Barry White’s “Never, Never Gonna Give You Up” and more!