Michelle binged Legion and Wonder Woman this week, and recommends the new Showtime series I’m Dying Up Here. I had a bleak week. I finally caught up with The Keepers, finished up The Leftovers, and read/watched too much on #ComeyDay.


1. The Keepers

Like always, I’m two weeks behind Michelle’s binge. I’ll refer to her original description of The Keepers and just say, I love it. I love these women and I love their passion.

2. The Leftovers finale

The Leftovers wrapped up this week, beautifully I might add. If you never got a chance to watch this show, I highly recommend a binge. The Leftovers explores what happens after the rapture, how people cope, and what belief systems are created in the aftermath. The show pushes the viewer to examine philosophy and religion, while following along with a compelling cast of characters. The show subverts expectations and isn’t afraid to try new things (which are often very gratifying, as a viewer).

After its finale many lovely think pieces came out about the show. So I read a bunch of them this week!

3. James Comey Testifies Before Senate Committee

Yes, I read his full 7 page statement on Wednesday then watched the full 3 hour session on Thursday. That’s a binge right? I can’t believe this is real life.


1. Legion

I had watched the first two episodes of Legion while it was on air, but missed out on the rest and vowed to finish it when I had the chance. For some reason, I deemed this past weekend the prime opportunity to complete the viewing experience, and I am so glad that I did. This show is so hard for me to put into words because of how obscure, cinematic, disorienting, challenging, and intelligent it is. Created by Noah Hawley, whose name should sound familiar to any Fargo viewers out there, Legion takes its audience for a wild ride through the bizarre world of David Haller’s trippy life. Everything about the show from the characters, the setting and time, the non-linear narrative, all disorient what is real and what is simply there to distract us from the truth. The cast is absolutely brilliant (I’m looking at you Aubrey Plaza). Legion is so wildly entertaining, that I recommend you check it out if you want something new to explore.

2. Wonder Woman buzz

Wonder Woman made me cry, because I was so overwhelmed with pride and excitement for the future. It’s been a rough year for women as our current administration continuously makes moves that directly affects us, often for the negative. Wonder Woman brought some light to the darkness surrounding us, and it was not only needed but deserved. With all of the success at the box office, breaking records, and setting the bar high for all future superhero films, Wonder Woman still feels special. As I was browsing social media and following the tags for the film, I couldn’t help but come across a ton of images of little girls dressed like Wonder Woman to attend a screening. Sure, people dress up all the time for screenings, but how special is it to see a new generation of girls see an example of power, beauty, compassion, and possibility on the screen through this film. I was beyond delighted when I saw that most of the images were shared by the proud, supportive fathers of these girls. Both on screen and off, this film proves to us all what women have known all along, we’re here, we’re capable, and we’re ready.

3. Showtime’s I’m Dying Up Here

This show is fresh and only has one episode out, so it’s hardly a binge but it’s something that I’m looking forward to. I’m Dying Up Here centers on the Los Angeles comedy scene in the 70s and focuses on what up and coming comics went through for stage time, recognition, and even pay. Working in comedy for over 5 years has made me jaded when it comes to “comedy tv,” but from what I’ve seen so far, I’m Dying Up Here does a decent job at capturing the reality of the world of comedy. The competition between comics, the drug use, the sexism, the money hungry managers, but most importantly, the family-like dynamic that develops between a network of comics. I’ve seen it firsthand, and I’m excited to see it in the layout of a television series. Let’s just hope this doesn’t become the next Roadies-starts off with all the potential in the world and falls flat on its face.