Lane binged Catastrophe and Better Call Saul this week. Michelle recommends music from all caps, four letter word bands: HAIM and COIN.


1. Catastrophe season 3

I highly, highly, highly recommend Catastrophe. Rob Delaney (Rob) and Sharon Horgan (Sharon) write and star in this British TV show (Channel 4 in the UK, Amazon in America). Catastrophe has run for 3 seasons, only 6 30-minute episodes per season, so it’s short but extremely well-constructed. The series begins with a one-night stand between Rob and Sharon and, well, with each season their relationship progresses. It’s so smart and their relationship is SO real. I love their relationship, their friends, and the jumps between seasons. It’s a quick watch, so, what are you waiting for? Also, follow Rob Delaney on Twitter.


2. Movies I don’t need to think about too much

It’s been a rough week here in Austin, TX. I watched Neighbors 2 and Bridget Jones’s Baby to cope. Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising was a pleasant surprise. I love Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne’s chemistry and terrible parenting. Zac Efron is a delight. And I would join any sorority with Chloe Grace Moretz. In other news, Bridget Jones’s Baby was meh for me.


3. Better Call Saul season 1

I was a pretty big Breaking Bad fan (did the Albuquerque film tour, whatever, nbd) but for some reason I never got into Better Call Saul. I decided to dive into season one again and I’m enjoying it much more. The narrative is scattered in its first few episodes. The show needed to find its footing, but I love the characters and the setting. Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks are genius and I’m really enjoying Michael McKean as Saul’s brother. I’m only 8 episodes in but it feels good to be back in that world.

It also has the best opening credit scenes.



1. “Want You Back“/”Right Now” by HAIM

After a nearly four year break since their last album, due to touring and time spent in the studio, HAIM is back with new music. Over the last week they’ve released two new tracks and I just can’t get enough. The trio of sisters have been one of my favorite bands since I heard a demo version of “Better Off” in early 2012. The video for “Right Now” was shot in one take by Paul Thomas Anderson, and shows the band performing the song live in the studio. It captures their intensity and devotion to their craft, and gave me enough reason to forgive them for making me wait so long. The new album is set to release on July 7.

2. Social media accounts of Riverdale cast


I’ve been admiring the social media accounts of the Riverdale cast since I started the series, but recently they’ve been a bit more active and extremely entertaining. It’s always fun to see young stars juggle between both their new stardom and their everyday lives. Lili Reinhart has been my favorite. She recently dealt with her share of body shamers on Twitter who criticized her for eating Taco Bell. She responded back to them in the best way through a series of tweets, memes, and her Instagram story. Here’s a report on the admirable responses from a young actress who refuses to buy into the industry’s portrayal of women and their weight and the reception from the public. PS: I wish I had this kind of fortitude at 20, because it’s such an incredible thing to possess.

3. How Will You Know If You Never Try by COIN

I started a daily playlist as a “musical journal entry” back in March, and it’s helped me explore new releases more than I typically would be able to. A few weeks ago the new album from COIN debuted, and I never had the chance to sit through, listen, and digest it like I had over this last week. Their sound is illuminated with pop, making their songs catchy and easy to get into. However, their lyricism as developed over time and some of their songs actually hold some weight. For instance, the song “Hannah” tells the story of a girl lost and seeking the affection of the lead singer who kindly turns her away with “I’m sorry Hannah, but I’ve got other plans. So keep on dancing, into the arms of another man.” The band spoke with ABC in April about the album and where they drew inspiration from: “Yeah, death creeps in closer every day, but we shouldn’t fear it. Rather, it should motivate us. Do new things, live underwater, be what you wanna be: just try. We are very proud to share the tombstone engraved soundtrack to our early 20s.”

Personal favorites from the album are “Hannah”, “Lately II”, “Malibu 1992”, and “Feeling.” I’m also excited that they are feature on the Austin City Limits Festival lineup in October, since I’ll be in attendance.