Another restless night means another edition of WhyDidIMakeThis is here! 

Netflix’s Love: Mickey and Gus Reunite

After Mickey and Gus kiss in the finale of the first season of Love, the two decide to hangout for a bit in the premiere of the second season. They discuss their apologies for one another, the state of their relationship, etc. and Ten Fe’s “Elodie” narrates their feelings well in this scene.

Love: Mickey and Gus Head to the Beach
Following one of Mickey’s meetings, the two decide to spend the day together going to brunch, seeing a movie, and eventually going to the beach, which we find out is something Gus has yet to do since moving to LA. The scene originally used “Hysteric” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and it’s an almost perfect fit. The acoustic version of that song parallels to the developing closeness between the two so well that it felt a little wrong to resoundtrack it. I chose a more upbeat, summer feel in Day Wave’s “Something Here.”