Michelle’s ultimate goal in life is to become a music supervisor. Until she achieves that, she’s stuck resoundtracking the scenes from her favorite television shows and films. Welcome to WhyDidIMakeThis!

Alright, so over the course of a week I took my sleepless nights and turned them into a new project I call “WhyDidIMakeThis.” Below are a series of clips I decided to redo the soundtrack to. It’s all for fun and technically practice for my dream role as a music supervisor.

Stay tuned for more!

13 Reasons Why-Hannah and Clay Hookup at Jessica’s party
The original song used in this scene was Hamilton Leithauser/Rostam’s “A 1000 Times” but I changed it up to a more youthful, suitable track that I think narrates the scene of Hannah and Clay finally acting on their feelings towards one another. The song used is “4U” by PARC.

Riverdale-Archie and Veronica talk about the events of Archie’s party

I decided to redo this scene because I think adding a song that narrates the relationship between Archie and Veronica places some emphasis on their kiss. In the moment it feels appropriate, but there’s a lot of risk behind their actions. That is why I decided on Cigarettes After Sex’s song “Apocalypse” to guide the scene through.

13 Reasons Why-School Dance
The decision to change the music in this scene was simply to see if I could make another song fit. I actually think using Lord Huron’s “The Night We Met” was a solid decision by the music supervisor, because it’s unconventional and a mature decision for a high school dance. I settled on replacing it with a cover of REO Speedwagon’s “Keep On Loving You” by Cigarettes After Sex. It pairs well with the budding emotions and feelings Clay is developing for Hannah, the intensity of teen romance, and the darker tone of the scene.

13 Reasons Why-Rooftop Hangout

Hannah and Clay hangout after work on the rooftop of the Crestmont Theater to watch the rare eclipse Clay is excited for. The song used originally is “The Only Boy Awake” by Meadows, and although it’s lyrics are a match for the scene, I felt that Jay Som’s dream pop aesthetic in “Remain” fit the scene better. Paired with the dialogue (which I had to remove), the song lays out the scene perfectly for the viewer.