Lane thought of The Breakfast Club at least three times this week, a sign that it must be today’s TBT.

This week I’ve thought of The Breakfast Club when…

  1. We wrote about Apatow films last week
  2. Michelle won tickets to see Bleachers live score a screening at LACMA (Her Instagram video is in that Pitchfork link! Well, her shared Instagram video from mutual college friend Erika)
  3. I danced like Molly Ringwald in Zumba class


See? A sign that it needed to be my throwback this week. Apart from thinking of it this week, The Breakfast Club has been in my top 5 films forever.

It’s a simple premise – five teenagers stuck in detention. The five make assumptions about each other’s character but, after getting to know each other, realize they all have issues. And, most importantly, the day is much more enjoyable if they work together. John Hughes is able to take the simple premise and singular location shoot and add funny, heart-breaking, and heart-warming moments that make up the soul of the film. The viewer identifies with parts of all five characters and roots for all of them (fists in the air for Bender). The Breakfast Club is the epitome of a thoughtful high school film: showing the complexity of teenagers and taking their realities seriously.