Michelle recommends Spotify’s podcast Showstopper and 24 Hour Breakfast Club. Lane binged party of TBS’s Search Party and Lizzo’s EP. Plus, both are re-binging some classic TV.


1. Spotify’s new podcast series Showstopper

Fader’s Editor-In-Chief Naomi Zeichner has started a podcast exclusively on Spotify that explores the musical moments in television with the music supervisors behind them. So far there have been three episodes, and each of them are excellent. This is especially exciting for me, because I’m working towards becoming a music supervisor, so to hear how it’s done, how they came up with their decisions, etc. it feels like a VIP pass into their world. Check it out.

2. Twin Peaks

I’ve been rewatching Twin Peaks in preparation for the new season, and I’m pretty happy with this decision. I first saw the series when I was younger and although I appreciated it then and have always held onto how I felt like I was in some special club of Twin Peaks lovers, I realize now that I missed out on a lot of things. The list of people who joined the series for the new season is extensive and stacked, David Lynch is directing every episode, and our favorites are returning to that bizarre town in Washington for one more hoo-rah.

3. 24 Hour Breakfast Club

This is a video series from Richard Kerns on Lady.tv that tells the narrative of women’s lives (actors, artists, models, etc.) by investigating their routine when they wake up. I discovered this when on a Kirke sisters kick after meeting Lola at SXSW. Here you can see the emotional portrayal of motherhood from Jemima Kirke. It’s a composition of raw emotion, exhaustion, devotion, and uncertainty that doesn’t feel like the slightest bit of acting.



1. Search Party

I haven’t finished TBS’s Search Party yet but I’m SO into it. Basic premise: a young girl goes missing and her college acquaintance, Dory (Alia Shawkat), takes it upon herself to solve the mystery. Dory gets a little too attached to the mystery as she avoids dealing with her own problems. I know, Search Party sounds super dramatic, but it’s cut with the most absurd humor to lighten it up. Plus, just look at this beautiful cast. They’re wonderful. Can’t wait to finish it!


2. Lizzo

I was lucky enough to catch Lizzo perform at SXSW last week. She was incredible, beautiful, empowering, and raw. I’ve been binging her EP “Coconut Oil” ever since. She also has the best crew of female backup dancers I’ve ever seen.

3. Seth/Summer fan vids

I’ve had a tough week y’all. I’m rewatching The O.C. season one and the Seth/Summer relationship wasn’t developing fast enough for me. I supplemented with these.