SXSW and spring break collide here in Austin, TX so everything is crazy this week. Michelle is busy working every concert at South By so it’s just me today, bringing you a spring break throwback and binge recommendation.


This week’s throwback honors Harmony Korine’s 2012 film Spring Breakers.


I originally hate-watched this film and about halfway through realized I was completely obsessed with it. It sounds insane – Disney stars exploited on spring break and James Franco as “gangster” rapper – but I’m in the camp that its female stars subvert expectations and steal the film. And sure, there’s a lot of male gaze in the film but it’s used purposefully. Take this quote from Richard Roeper:

Korine’s camera is nearly an intrusive weapon as he lingers over the soft, limber bodies of Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and his wife, Rachel Korine, as four lifelong friends who spend at least as much time caressing one another as they do in search of male companionship. There are moments when you feel as if someone’s going to tap you on the shoulder and say, ‘What are YOU looking at?’ I think that’s sort of the point.

Korine’s humor is wicked, the soundtrack is incredible, and his use of color is memorable. And yeah, it makes me think of watching the tourists flock to my hometown in March-April. Can’t make it to Florida this year? Watch this film and realize you should probably go elsewhere.

Things I Binged

1. Love season 2

Michelle and I will probably dedicate an entire post to the incredible sophomore season of Love [insert Rent joke here]. I’ll just say this: Paul Rust and Gillian Jacobs become even more comfortable in their characters and the arc of the season remains slow and thoughtful.

2. Man About Cake

I watched all of this man’s YouTube videos last weekend. I have no need or desire to make a fancy AF cake, but I am now equipped with all of the knowledge to do so.