Michelle has ALREADY binged Love season 2 and I’m rewatching Girls season 1. Also, music recommendations and something called Ultimate Beastmaster?


1. Love (Season 2) love

I won’t spoil anything, because this show just premiered today and I know not everyone had the opportunity to be an irresponsible adult and pull an all-nighter to binge it. I will say that I really loved this season and the character developments we received. There’s something that feels more organic and genuine in the chemistry between Paul Rust (Gus) and Gillian Jacobs (Mickey). The characters also feel more personal and easier to relate to in this season, and I feel more connected to them than ever before. One last thing…Bertie is the real MVP.

2. Netflix’s Ultimate Beastmaster

I hate that I have to put this on the list because it feels like a captive situation that forced me into watching almost 7 episodes of this show. Much like its contemporaries, the Ultimate Beastmaster is a competition show that highlights the strengths of competitors from various backgrounds who must complete a course and score the most points to win the title. Sylvester Stallone and Terry Crews are the most notable faces, and former UFC champion Anderson Silva serves as a Brazil commentator. They refer to the obstacles as body parts of the “beast,” so you continuous hear things like “he’s having a tough time getting through the digestive track!” It’s cheesy, poorly edited, and the prewritten commentary stresses me out, but it was on while I was getting my hair done. Before I knew it, I was invested. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

3. “Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl”-Broken Social Scene

Do you ever remember a song you loved from the past out of the blue? Or maybe you have a chain of events or reminders that lead you to thinking about it again? Whatever it may be that triggers your memory of this song, it reunites you with something that influenced your life at one point. That happened to me this week when a Broken Social Scene song from my younger days seeped back into my life causing me to listen to it on repeat over the course of two days. If you’ve never heard this song, please listen up and appreciate the narrative of nostalgia and youth it tells. Also, if you love the band Metric (aka the band who wrote “Black Sheep” from Scott Pilgrim), you’ll enjoy hearing lead singer Emily Haines on vocals.


1. Girls season 1


I haven’t seen Girls season 1 since it debuted in 2012. Since these last few episodes in season 6 have been so incredible, I’ve been questioning why I like the show, if it holds up, and questioning the immense amount of cultural criticism surrounding the show. I’m 6 episodes in to rewatching season 1 and YES. It holds up. It’s funny, self-aware, brutal. Yes, it’s white and not the pinnacle of feminism but Lena didn’t want to make a show that was a stand in for all millennial women. Lena made a show that’s aware of its regrettable protagonist. We’re supposed to be in on the joke – cognizant of Hannah’s terrible decisions. The cultural criticism surrounding the show does not understand the premise, does not permit a portrayal of women that’s complex and yes, a portrayal that is negative. It remains, first and foremost, a funny, different view of a very niche group of women. And I love it.

2. “Women of Indie” and “Bitches Get Stuff Done” Spotify Playlists

These have been on repeat all week for me! A great blend of female pop and indie pop. Love it.