Every year Lane and I dedicate a (long) night to the Academy Awards. We both classify as award show addicts, as you’ve seen from our previous posts and preparation for other events. Last night was the 89th Academy Awards, and wow, were there some historical moments! Here’s a few of our favorites and reasons we’re not too mad about losing our Oscars pool.

Red Carpet looks

Michelle: Majority of the attendees looked incredible, but in a totally unbiased way, my best dressed was Brie Larson. Red carpet after red carpet she brings a totally new, stunning look and she is always elegant and fresh. As for the men, I really loved Ryan Gosling’s “vintage” look. Pairs really well with fellow late 70s/early 80s themed outfit: Brie Larson

Lane: Thanks for including Felicity Jones on there, Michelle! I saw a lot of white/ivory on the carpet, perhaps as a symbol of peace for Hollywood? Am I reading too much into fashion? Anyway, I was not a fan of Ryan’s ruffled shirt but I am definitely a fan of Brie.

Viola Davis’ Speech

Michelle: Can I just get Viola Davis to give me a pep talk every morning? I promise I’ll never stop being productive if the answer is yes.

Lane: I think my favorite Twitter joke about this was… Viola should just submit a mixtape of her award acceptance speeches to win that Grammy so she can complete her EGOT.

Parachute snacks

Michelle: This was fantastic.

Lane: [Insert Hunger Games jokes here] Also, this would have been such a great opportunity for Jennifer Lawrence reaction gifs! Where are you, J-Law?!

The emphasis on unity and international influence

Lane:  There were glimpses of this theme throughout the night, from ACLU pins to vague statements about how the movies bring us all together. However, my favorite moment was Asghar Farhadi’s prepared statement as Anousheh Ansari accepted his award for Best Foreign Film. You can read the full text here.

Sunny Pawar bit with Jimmy Kimmel

Michelle: This moment is problematic and can/will be read as racist, inappropriate, and exploiting, but I can’t help but be obsessed with all things Sunny Pawar. I’m still pretty upset with his snub this entire awards season.

Lane: He’s adorable but I am going to read it as racist. But Lemonheads and Mike and Ike, thank you.


The Memorable Performance Segments featuring Charlize Theron, Seth Rogen, Javier Bardem, Jimmy Kimmel, and an additional segment from international film fans.

Lane: I hate Oscar montages because they seem so indulgent and rote. I liked the idea of spotlighting actors’ influences but at some point in the ceremony (about an hour in) it seemed like a waste of time. I also hated that they subtitled the entire international film fan section – even when they were speaking English with accents! Sorry, Michelle. Last night was (mostly) not fun for me.

Michelle: I’d agree with Lane on most counts, the montage in Oscar history feels like a cheap way of passing time. I thought these tributes were an interesting, new way to bring up presenters, incorporate the passion of film, and use technology. I really enjoyed the international segment, because it’s important to recognize that film is universal and especially during the recent political climate, that segment felt vital.

The Tour Bus moment

Michelle: Gary from Chicago is the real MVP and 100% the embodiment of my Oscars obsession. The fact that he never put his phone down the entire time he was mingling with A-list celebrities is EVERYTHING.

Lane: Sorry (again) to be a Debbie Downer, but was this staged? I think Gary and his fiancee may have been staged – there’s no way ABC would have trusted random people to complete that bit. ANYWAY, even if it was staged, he’s a winner and so much better than Jimmy Kimmel.

This whole bit made me so uncomfortable. I thought it would be the most cringe-worthy moment of the night, until that ending! I just can’t imagine being surprised like that, it’s my worst nightmare. Perhaps that’s why I’m hoping it was staged.

Playing off Matt Damon while he’s presenting

Michelle: Jimmy Kimmel’s longstanding feud with Matt Damon was of course brought up during the ceremony, but surprisingly, it never felt too much or overused. My favorite segment was Jimmy’s tribute to Matt Damon’s performance in We Bought a Zoo, which followed his presentation on stage as “Ben Affleck and Guest.” As Matt would read from the teleprompter, the orchestra would begin to play him off as if he was a long-winded winner going over time. I was in tears, because I thought it was perfect humor to tie in their “fighting” and the awards show aesthetic.

Lane: Okay, I laughed at most of the Jimmy Kimmel/Matt Damon feud jokes. This one was pretty effective. Overall, however, I’m not a fan of Jimmy Kimmel’s hosting. His improv is rude, mean-spirited, and frequently resorts to racism/sexism. At least during the Matt Damon segments you know he’s in on the joke.

Brie Larson visibly disgusted by Casey Affleck win

Michelle: Brie Larson is going to be Captain Marvel next year, but she’s been a superhero to me for years. Now more than ever, Brie has represented millions of women of sexual assault and violence as she has defiantly refused to engage or support any of Casey Affleck’s accolades this season. She’s all of us when we heard his name over Denzel Washington, or any other nominee. The look of disgust, the lack of clapping, the really forced and awkward “Congratulations…”Thank you Brie.

Lane: She hid it better than she did at the Golden Globes! I loved Denzel’s reaction.


La La Land for Best Picture..oh wait..no..Moonlight for Best Picture

Lane: I am still so shocked and happy! I just wish we could have seen the full, prepared speeches from Moonlight‘s producers – but happy we could see Barry Jenkins and Tarrell Alvin McCraney make a beautiful acceptance speech for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Michelle: This goes down as the craziest moment in Oscar history, at least to our knowledge. How does that mistake happen? Why was the Academy going to let Warren Beatty take the fall at first? And why wouldn’t you rectify the issue before they were halfway through their acceptance speeches? It was wild and entertaining, but the perfect set of dramatics to give Moonlight the win it deserved.

Emma Stone spills the beans about the Best Picture mistake

How our Oscar ballots fared

Michelle: Surprisingly, I wasn’t as upset about doing poorly on my ballot as I would be in prior years. I enjoyed some of the surprises and think that the awards were reasonably fair (except Casey Affleck). It was nice to see some new faces accepting awards, and there was no “sweep” from any one film. Overall, I had 13 correct on my ballot which earned me a spot in 3rd place in our Oscars pool.

Lane: Not great. 11/24 for me! Remember this for next year: CGI always wins for best visual effects, makeup/design/costume is always about MORE not BEST. 2018 Oscar pool, I’m coming for you!

‘Til next time…

Thank you for sticking with Lights.Camera.Binge throughout this awards season, and allowing us to talk but critically and leisurely about the films we have grown to love and those we couldn’t enjoy. Every year is a new experience of watching a world we appreciate so much navigate through social issues, politics, and more. Yes, the Oscars weren’t #SoWhite this year, but there is still plenty of room for growth in covering all grounds of social injustice and diversity. Until next time, take care and keep watching movies!