This week shows that I needed some escapism, self care, and happiness.

1. We Rate Dogs

I get so happy when these tweets show up in my feed. I scrolled through the past year of We Rate Dogs and have decided that all dogs (and cats) should always be 10+ out of 10. Super good dogs.

2. Beyonce Pregnancy Reaction Things

We needed this good news. And, more so, we needed the incredible reactions from beautiful/funny people around the world.


3. Voyager (aka Outlander book 3) by Diana Gabaldon

Yes, more OutlanderOutlander forever. There was a cliffhanger after season 2 and book 2 so, of course, I’ve read half of this book in the last 72 hours.


1. America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 23)

OK, this “binge” is warranting a ton of judgement, so feel free to send it my way. My roommate is a huge reality tv fan and sometimes while I’m in the living room I watch it, but I can’t even use that as an excuse. I genuinely like ANTM. I’ve figured it out, I know how they set everything up, and that’s kinda what intrigues me. This season has been a bit lackluster with new host Rita Ora, since Tyra Banks departed the series and moved to executive producer. But I’ve been really into rooting for the drama queen Courtney who I’m pretty certain is getting in the top 3 or taking the W, based on how much they’ve focused on her. I don’t know, but it’s pretty fun to watch. The show switched from Mondays to Wednesdays this week, so we got not one but two episodes!

antm courtney.gif

2. Music from the band Wet

Wet is a band from Brooklyn that has sometimes been called as “aspiration pop.” I’ve been a huge fan for years now, mainly because Kelly Zutrau’s voice is so unbelievably beautiful and charming, and as the resident sad girl, it speaks to my soul. I tend to listen to at least one or two songs from Wet a week as they usually make their way onto one of my work playlists, but this week I was on a kick. From working out to sitting in my office to cooking, Wet served as the soundtrack to my busy week. What stirred this all up? An awesome video from VSCO for the band’s single “Body”, which consists of a casual interview and then a supremely intimate performance where each member shines, especially songbird Kelly. Check it out below.

3. Combining Winona Ryder’s SAG Awards reactions with the incredibly real but sad reports in the news from Trump’s people

The last week has been unreal in terms of blatantly fake reports from Trump surrogates Kellyanne Conway and Press Secretary Sean Spicer, but at this point, my anxiety has made me too exhausted to react in anyway other than a series of Winona Ryder reaction GIFs. President Trump met with Martin Luther King Jr last week? The Bowling Green Massacre? Pray for Celebrity Apprentice? How much longer will this go on…?