Today’s #TBT recommendation is Beyond Clueless by Charlie Lyne. 

Beyond Clueless is a documentary that dives into the world of teen movies and the secrets of high school as displayed in them. Director Charlie Lyne pulled video from 200 films and studied them carefully. The project was made possible through a Kickstarter campaign and was personally edited and produced in Charlie’s bedroom. That’s probably why the project feels personal, and translates as such to the audience who engage based on memories, experiences, and the simple fact that we were all teenagers once. Narrated by Fairuza Balk, best known for playing Nancy in The Craft, the commentary takes you through the hallways, locker rooms, proms, and parties of all of your favorite high school movies. Partnered with an awesome original soundtrack by one of my favorite bands, Summer Camp, Beyond Clueless is a nostalgic trip you’ve never been on before. Check out the trailer here. Beyond Clueless is available to stream on Netflix.