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LCB Takes on Brackets: A24

We’re jumping on the March Madness bandwagon. I first saw the bracket trend in film-Twitter world with the Disney v Pixar bracket. Then, yesterday, film production company A24 retweeted a bracket made up of top-performing A24 films. You can play along by editing or printing out the A24 bracket.

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Our 2018 Academy Awards Ballots

It’s our Super Bowl! Almost time for the best night of the year… the 90th Academy Awards! Upsets, glamour, intrigue, monotony, racism, & sexism await.  Continue reading “Our 2018 Academy Awards Ballots”

Our 2018 SAG Awards Picks

Another year of award shows is here and this Sunday, January 21, the 24th Annual Screen Actor’s Guild Awards will air. This year in film and television has delivered strong performances from debut series, daring films, and the shows we’ve grown to love over the years. New faces, familiar names, etc. the excitement behind this season is there. We have some overlap in our picks, but we also pull through for some of the underdog performers we couldn’t get enough of. Below are our picks for this year’s SAG awards!
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Things We Binged: January 20

Lane and Michelle binged a few of the same things this week, and took advantage of their down time to take in some new shows, music, and film. From tracking the Oscars buzz to diving into shows we wouldn’t watch twice, here’s our week in binge!
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Things We Binged: January 13

Podcasts, award shows, and more! This week Lane and Michelle take on the new and the old, and they’re pretty convinced this year is going to be filled with exciting television, film, books, etc. to binge on!
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Our 2018 Golden Globes Picks

2018: new year, new awards season! We’re calling our bets for this Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony.
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Michelle’s Favorite TV Episodes of 2017

Since starting this blog with Lane, I’ve vowed to watch more television, and I really think 2017 allowed me to keep my word. This year was a weird one, and it wasn’t always easy, but television stayed faithful to us all and gave us some of the best television we’ve seen in years. The episodes that stuck with me the most were bold, complex, emotional, empowering, smart, funny, fresh, and excellent. I tried to keep this list minimal, but I want to express that there were many contenders and hours of really great television that deserve to be honored. Here’s my list! Continue reading “Michelle’s Favorite TV Episodes of 2017”

Michelle’s Favorite Films of 2017

This year I binged on quite a bit of cinema. I formed an unofficial movie club with a couple of my fellow cinephile friends which forced us to see at least one film a week, so this list was especially hard for me to generate. There was so much quality filmmaking this year, but something I took away from this year in film was the relative nature of the characters I saw on screen. I related with so many and even identified myself explicitly in a few. I could go on forever about the films I’ve decided to share with you, but I would rather you take the chance and check them out. They were what kept me going through this year, and I’m hoping next year brings us an abundance of strong narratives, lyricial cinematography, incredible scores and music supervision, and more.
Disclaimer: Outside of Lady Bird, these are not in any particular order
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Michelle’s Favorite TV/Film Music Moments of 2017

As you’ve collected from the evidence presented through the lists Lane and I have put together, 2017 was an awesome year for media. Even through all of the scary things, the politics, the sadness, etc., art came through and reminded us that things can always be better and will be. The television and film I devoured this year provided me with some of my favorite music moments ever. The list below is curated based on the emotions the scene encompassed, the music supervision, and the exposure of some of my jams (some guilty pleasures in there too) which made magic happen on screen. Here we go!

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